It’s Hanami Time!

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This year the cherry blossom trees are blooming earlier than ever!  The warm weather and the holiday yesterday brought many Tokyoites out of hibernation to start hanami season – picnicking under the cherry blossoms.  It’s already such a beautiful scene even though it’s only half bloom.  If you’re visiting Tokyo, check out this great roundup of cherry blossom spots, but beware of the massive crowds.  Ueno Park, for example, is expecting over 20 million visitors in the next few weeks!

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8 thoughts on “It’s Hanami Time!

  1. Where are you planning to go for hanami? Last year I went to Ueno, and it was so crowded my cell phone wouldn’t work. I almost didn’t find my friends. Tragic!

    • Haha I’m not strong enough to brave Ueno! I might take a stroll at Shinjuku Park, but maybe we’ll hanami in Midtown. How about you? Do you have fun plans?

      • I love the gardens in Shinjuku! I might take a walk through Nakameguro since it is close and low key. (^O^)/

      • Ohhh yeahh there Nakameguro too! There’s too many places to go :) I heard that the street 246 in Aoyama is beautiful too. Hey it sounds like we’re in the same ‘hood!

    • I’m sure you can still enjoy it from abroad – there’s tons of photos being posted by bloggers in Japan! Nakameguro is one of my favorites too. People there are a bit less pushy there! :)

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