Peach Blossoms

Peach Blossoms by oh my omiyage

In Japan, the short spring season is synonymous with blossoms – cherry, plum, peach, oh my!  A few weeks ago, my husband surprised me with a cherry blossom branch (I like to call it a tree because it was that big).  Since then, I’ve loved having blossoms in the house!

Peach Blossoms by oh my omiyage

I changed it up a bit this time with peach blossoms since they’re in season now, but I’ve grown to love these more than cherry blossoms.  They’re less delicate, have bigger blooms, and are more vibrant.

Peach Blossoms by oh my omiyageWhat are your favorite spring blossoms?


13 thoughts on “Peach Blossoms

  1. I love your photos! I visited Tokyo a couple of years ago at the height of cherry blossom season and it was incredible to see. Thanks for bringing back memories of my awesome trip.

    Here in Southern California, my garden is full of freesias and birds of paradise at the monent, which are two of my favorites. My lillies, which are deep coral in color, are about a month away.


    • It’s so perfect when visitors are able to time their trips perfectly with cherry blossom in Japan. Cherry blossoms are so fickle with their timing – just a few days too late or too early, and you’d miss it!

      Ohh I’m so envious that you have a garden at your place! I love birds of paradise. It’s hard to find them here in Japan. Your garden sounds beautiful!

  2. The color on these bloosoms looks so beautiful! I love when flowers begin to bloom especially in spring. I hopoe we have a spring this year in NYC. Beautiful photos

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! I can practically smell your house (and I mean that in the best way possible.) My cat eats all my plants so I can’t keep anything in the house. Maybe I should get some sort of terrarium so I can enjoy spring too!

    • Haha Thanks Julie! I didn’t know that cats eat flowers and plants! Haha What about if you have some succulents in your house? They’re hard enough that they might avoid them, but they’re also beautiful! It’s tricky with cats – they’re too acrobatic!

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