Japanese Washi Paper


As much as I love Japanese washi paper, I’ve never purchased it.  It’s one of those things that I’d love to have, but I know I’d cherish too much to ever use it!  Luckily, I have a sister in law who knows me very well, and she recently gifted me a washi paper set (*jumping for joy*)!   Aren’t gifts great that way?  If you’re lucky, you get things that you love but you’d never buy yourself :)


There are a few types of washi paper.  This type is called Kozogami and is made from paper mulberry.  It’s very thick and durable and although it acts like paper, it feels like cloth!  A few of my favorite prints from the set are these adorable owls:


… and these beautiful cranes.  They have such a wonderful shine!


Tied with my new Japanese ribbon, each one would be equally perfect as a gift.  But there’s no way these are leaving my hands!DSC_0102

How do you use washi paper?  Or is there anything that you can’t bear to part ways with at home?

30 thoughts on “Japanese Washi Paper

  1. Very lovely patterns! Any ideas what you want to do with them? I’ve recently been looking at chiyogami paper for my nan and I to make some beautiful origami :)

    • Oh pretty! If I can push myself to use them, I’ll probably use it for gift wrapping and table decor. Do you have any fun ideas? Where do you usually buy your Japanese paper? Are you located in Japan too? :)

      • Table decor sounds nice! Can’t wait to see what you do with them. And we just make pretty basic things at the moment like candy boxes haha. And no I’m from England
        ! But I wish I was from Japan haha. And I’ve been getting the paper off ebay, its quite cheap and pretty!

    • My sister lived in Japan and found washi kits that included paper, glue, foam, cardboard and directions (in Japanese) to make Kleenex box cover, little three drawer box, etc. Washi paper can be used to cover just about anything and then you can keep and enjoy the prettiness of the papers on the projects in your home.

      • That’s such a great idea! I’ve been thinking about how to prettify my klennex boxes lately. Maybe that’ll be my next craft! My only problem is that the washi paper is so nice that I’m a sucker for hoarding it. Haha I’ll have to push myself to use it!

  2. Oh wow those are pretty :) I would like to frame them and hang them up as pictures…but it will be kinda a waste isn’t it?

  3. I love washi tapes. And these are beautiful patterns. As a sheet that big, like fukutoshin mentioned, I would frame and put them on the wall as pieces of art.

    • I’m crazy about washi tape too! It’s another one of the things that I keep collecting. I’d love to frame them… I wonder what my hubby will think about it! :$

      • I buy it and put it up. Hubby wouldn’t even say no when he sees and likes the final product…hahaha

      • Haha I like your thinking :) Actually, I passed the idea by him, and he thought it was cool! So, I might have to start my collection after all! Good excuse :)

  4. Have you been to Sakurahorikiri in Asakusabashi? It sells craft kits you cover with washi paper, and on the 3rd floor there are hundreds of different designs. You choose the kit you want to make then go upstairs to choose the paper. You can even make it at the shop, and the employees will help you and give you tips. It’s a lovely place.

  5. I like washi paper as well. Thanks for sharing.
    It’s so beautiful!! And at same time, I can’t help thinking of Japanese craftsmen’s effort and their history!!

    • I agree! They take such pride in everything they do, including these traditional paper products! The quality of this paper is just amazing – from the printing to the paper itself. I’m happy to meet another washi lover! ;)

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  7. Hi Jennifer, do you know the place where these papers were bought? I am a lover of japanese paper and these designs are new to me. I would like to buy some.
    By the way I am writing from Portugal. Thanks for your reply. Teresa

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