Seafood Izakaya: Eboshi

Eboshi Chigasaki: Seafood Izakaya Sashimi Platter

Izakaya is Japanese tapas where alcohol is usually the main entree.  You can order a variety of small dishes that typically go well with alcohol.  These joints are a great place for groups or anyone on a budget since there’s a wide selection of food and you can lounge and just chit chat over a few drinks and dishes.  (Japan isn’t always expensive!)

Eboshi Chigasaki: Seafood Izakaya Salad

Seafood izakaya restaurants are by far my favorite, and Eboshi in Chigasaki is one of the best!  I loved this ‘fish paper’ Caesar salad.  I’m trying to recreate this in my kitchen and hope to bring it to you next week as soon as I get my hand on some romaine lettuce (hard to find in Japan!)

Eboshi Chigasaki: Seafood Izakaya Sea SnailsSea snails are a really popular dish with Japanese sake.  If you like escargot or clams, you’ll love these too!

Eboshi Chigasaki: Seafood Izakaya Sea SnailsTrying to navigate these menus is part of the fun!

Eboshi Chigasaki Seafood Izakaya MenusIf you happen to be in Kanagawa, run here as fast as you can!


7 thoughts on “Seafood Izakaya: Eboshi

  1. OK, I admit it, I am ignorant =_= I did not know that seafood is served in izakayas….I always yakitori is the main staple there.

    You got me all excited about the ‘fish paper’ caesar salad! I can’t wait for your post about your attempt :) I am tempted to send you some romaine lettuce just so you can get started LOL

    • Izakayas serve everything – yakitori, beef, grilled fish, sashimi, fried chicken, etc etc! Basically, it’s a gathering of all sorts of small dishes so you weren’t that far off!

      Hahaha! Romaine lettuce is something I always took for granted – it’s so easy to come across back home. They sometimes stock it at Costco here, but it’s on an off so I’ll have to keep checking or substitute another leaf :) I can’t wait to post that ‘fish paper’ salad though – it was soo yummy!

  2. ebooooshiiiiiii….!! that is one of my favorite places! I used to go there quite often, ..ok, not that often, but it was always in the back of my mind of a place I should have gone to more often! lol.
    And yes, one of the best things is that their menu changes daily, based on the arrival of fish or seafood! There used to be a pasta place in Fujisawa I went to at least twice a week that did the same thing….all the pasta was excellent!

    • Hahaha That’s the way I think of it too! Eboshi is always in the back of my mind so it feels like I go there more often than I do :) I’m glad to have another blogger to back up my love for Eboshi!

      Do you remember the name of the pasta place in Fujisawa? I’d love to go next time. Did you used to live around that area? You seem to be very familiar with it!

      • that pasta place is long gone… but there were two ‘kushiyaki’ placessd i used to go to that were excellent (in Fujisawa), one is still there, 炭べえ do you know it? and the other might be gone… i can’t find it!

      • another place I often went to is とんこ a tonkatsu place in Fujisawa, a real mom&pop place… looks like it’s not as good as I remember it…it was the best tonkatsu I ever had (granted that was 15 years ago I started eating there!)

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