For the Love of Gelato

The Market SE1 Gelato Kanagawa FujisawaYesterday, we made a pit stop at The Market: SE1 in Fujisawa on our way to the beach.  It’s still very cold here, but we were craving the sights and sounds of the ocean and the taste of fresh gelato!

The Market SE1 Gelato Kanagawa FujisawaI absolutely adore the owner here, Yasuo Atarashi, who makes all the gelato himself daily and serves all of his patrons with smiles and cheer.  The small shop is rustic and homey and is always packed with locals.

The Market SE1 Gelato Kanagawa Fujisawa

Check out his vintage scale!  Great, right?  I chose the special of the day that was made to order: vanilla with fresh strawberries, dark chocolate chunks, walnuts, and crispy caramel.  DSC_0097

My last spoon was adorned by this heart-shaped strawberry “confetti”!  I love you too, gelato.  I love you too.

The Market: SE1
1丁目-6-6 Katasekaigan, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture 251-0035
+81 466-24-8499
Access: Shonanenoshima Station


9 thoughts on “For the Love of Gelato

    • Thanks Irene! Did I mention to you that my mom checked out your blog, and on our last phone convo, she said, “Oh that Irene is so stylish!” Haha You’ve turned her into a fan :)

  1. oh, it is immensely cute, that little heart, and I love the light and the color in the photos, they look as if they are made of ice-cream themselves) thank you for making my Monday so sweet)

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