Tropical Treats & Camera Feats


I instantly regretted not bringing my dSLR when we got to the market and spotted all of these colorful baskets filled to the rim with tropical fruits.  My husband convinced me not to bring it (he always ends up carrying it for me when I’m not shooting!) so I had to make due with his small point and shoot that has taken way too many hits and falls over the years.


For me, it’s always a struggle to balance between taking great photos with a heavy, bulky camera or attempting to be fashionable and less fussy with gear.


I’ve been thinking about getting a compact camera that has all of the functions of a dSLR for awhile, but they usually come with a hefty price tag.Uncooked ChipsAnd I can just imagine my SLR very sadly sitting in some corner of my room gathering dust!  (Yup – all of my inanimate objects have feelings.  Don’t yours?)  I’d love to hear if you fellow photo enthusiasts also have this problem and how you cope!


6 thoughts on “Tropical Treats & Camera Feats

    • Hahaha I try not to do my research too much these days. Once I find out I like, they’re always out of my price range and my practical side comes out. Daniel sent me an e-mail about it before though so let me know if you want me to forward the info to you!

  1. I <3 mangosteens!

    It is a problem for me too, especially just going out somewhere nearby or eat out at a restaurant, iPhone does the job. I don't even have a point and shoot. I am more willing to carry my dSLR on trips.

    This is when money could solve problem…hehehe.

    • Mangosteens are my favorite too! They’re so hard to get here in Japan.

      Haha I love it – “money could solve this problem” :) Whoever said, “Mo money mo problems” obviously never loved cameras!

  2. OMG and I thought I was the only one who believes that all my inanimated possessions have feelings too :) So we are normal, yah?

    I have the same problems with my cameras, I went from big to small to compact and still whines about it being too heavy to lug around so nowadays I rely on my phone cam….my samsung phone cam does great photos in my opinion :D

    • Hey JC! Haha If there’s 2 of us, then we’re definitely normal. I agree! Sometimes even a compact is too heavy when you have to lug it around for a long time. lol How lazy do I sound? Seems like I need to upgrade my phone cam.. or maybe just clean the lens!

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