Jakarta’s Local Market

After a brief hiatus back in Tokyo for New Years holiday, we travelled off to Indonesia for my cousin’s wedding.  I haven’t been there since I was in elementary school so this trip was an eye opener to Indonesian culture and cuisine.

Dried Fish Products at Jakarta Local Market

Dried Fish Products at Local Market in Jakarta

The local market is always my first stop when traveling.  Jakarta has grown a lot so the outdoor markets, previously filled with flies and dust flying in from the surrounding bikers passing by have been transformed into huge indoor warehouses.   There’s still no A/C or refrigeration, but it’s amazing what some tiled floors and some cement can do.

* Warning: Eat your meal before seeing these next two photos *

Fresh Chicken at Jakarta Market

Beef Vendor at Local Market in Jakarta

Don’t let these pictures of unrefrigerated meats scare you off.  Despite the lack of refrigeration of all meats and seafood, we never had to reach into our Imodium stash the whole trip.  We ate local food for every meal, every day and couldn’t get enough of it!Local Jakarta Market


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