Chinese Celebrations

You know my craziness about food?  My apple fell right under the tree (with some roots now in Japan as well).  For Christmas, my family always celebrates with a full-on Cantonese dinner of at least 10 courses.  My dad’s favorite job is to plan the night’s menu, and he always takes it very seriously.  He always includes everyone’s favorite foods.  My dad always plans a few surprises, but a few dishes haven’t changed over the years like this dried abalone.

Chinese Dried AbaloneAnd a shrimp fruit salad:Chinese Shrimp Fruit SaladThis year instead of a cold platter, my dad only ordered my and my brother’s favorites – marinated jellyfish and deep fried pork chops.

Jellyfish and Fried Pork ChopsAnd of course, what kind of celebration would it be without peking duck?

DSC_0042Sometimes I just dug into my food without taking photos first, but the rest was just as scrumptious!  ‘Til next year :)


6 thoughts on “Chinese Celebrations

  1. Chinese always have a way of celebrating…abalone, shark fin, sea cucumbers, fish stomach, crab meat, etc. I love it! My dad does it too.

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