Mask(ed) Season

A public service message:

During this time of the year, people fill planes to be with friends and family for the holidays.  It’s the time to gather with those your love.  It’s the time to shop at crowded malls.  It’s the time to embrace holiday cheer.

In a season filled with more contact with people than usual, don’t ruin your own holiday season by catching a cold or flu.  Or if you’re sick yourself, don’t spread your misery to others.  Wear a protective mask.

Start the trend. Don’t let glares from others or strangers trying to avoid your path stop you. You’re doing everyone a favor and a social kindness.  And if their fear of ‘the mask’ gives you a little extra room on a plane, so be it.  “That’s my arm rest anyways!”

This message is brought to you by Those Against Colds and Flus

P.S. This is one trend that I really wish would be adopted outside of Japan.  At our wedding in Hawaii, someone was sick, and it spread throughout my entire wedding party (including me!).  Sick on a Hawaiian vacay.  Can you imagine anything worse?  Now who’s with me?! :)

[images via Digital ApoptosisUrban Photo, and Japan Today]


19 thoughts on “Mask(ed) Season

  1. I’m with you! I really appreciate Japanese people and their masks. I actually wanted to go up to them and thank them on the plane. (reason y I fly only Japanese airlines now) but it will never take off in Singapore, sadly.

  2. Kazakhstanis also wear masks (which I had no idea) – my first year teaching, I was so surprised when I saw my university students wearing masks to class. Although this was a source of deep mortification when I was a kid, I definitely appreciate masks as I get older. :)

  3. Haha I remember when I went to China they were handing these out to everyone in arrivals. Maybe they could the same in other countries ;) But I really doubt it’s a trend Europeans would adopt lol

  4. One of the best things about masks in winter, is that it really helps you to stay warm! You do not feel as cold by recycling the heat in your breath instead of just letting it go to waste by breathing it all out! Who knew a sheet of paper could be so effective!

  5. This may be an odd thing to say but I have always found these masks extremely attractive and appealing. When a woman wears these masks in daily attire it is often very beautiful. These pictures were pleasant and beautiful.

  6. when my mom and grandparents came here right about when the ‘new’ influenza was prevalent, we told them to wear the masks on the plane. They were like ‘pfff…what for?’ sheesh…

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