Gofun Nail Polish: All Natural

Have you heard of water-based nail polish?

Ueba Esou Gofun nail polishes from Kyoto use all natural, organic ingredients.  There are a couple nail polishes that claim this in the States too, but this one is so natural that it doesn’t even have an odor.  They dry almost instantly and can be removed with just alcohol.  It’s perfect for anyone wary of chemicals in regular polish: ladies during pregnancy, children, or anyone with allergies or sensitive nails.

Gofun nail polishes are made from crushed scallop shells, which give them their beautiful color.  They use the same process and factory to make this polish that’s been used for hundreds of years to make traditional Japanese paint, a process perfected over centuries.  And look at all of these amazing, vibrant colors!

I haven’t tried them myself, but apparently, this nail polish isn’t as durable as regular nail polish and is sensitive to water (aka showers, baths, dish washing).

They sell for 1200 yen, which is about $13 each.  See a tour of their factory here and a full review of the polish here.

What do you think? Would you try it yourself?

[images via the Design Files Daily]


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