100 Years of Curry

Kyoueidoo Sumatra Chicken Curry

Jimbocho is synonymous with two things: used book stores and curry.  There are tons of curry shops that line the main and back streets around Jimbocho station.  My husband introduced me to his favorite curry restaurant, Kyoueidoo before I even moved here, and it’s been one of our staples for a casual lunch out.  I love the rakkyo here (picked Japanese scallions).  It adds a nice crunch and sourness to your choice of curry: chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, or tongue – yes.. tongue!

Kyoueidoo Sumatra Chicken Curry

Kyoueidoo Sumatra Curry Pickles

Kyoueidoo opened near Tokyo Station in the early 1900s after the owner traveled to Indonesia and was inspired to start up his own shop.  After the Great Earthquake in 1923, the restaurant relocated to its current location.  When you step into this shop, you’re transported to the early 1900s with its vintage music, red chairs, and a menu that hasn’t changed for almost a century.

Kyoueidoo Sumatra Curry Jimbocho

This restaurant is always busy with quick turnover, but some customers choose to relax here with a cup of coffee, a book, and this baked apple, cored and filled with sweet milk.

Kyoueidoo Sumatra Curry Baked Apple

Other than the baked apple, they also offer a cola float or coffee float.  I haven’t tried it, but it adds to the vintage atmosphere.  It’s rare to find those on the menu in Tokyo!

Kyoueidoo Sumatra Curry Jimbocho


Interested in checking it out?  Find it here.


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