A little toilet humor

I used to think that any toilet paper more elaborate than 2-ply was just frivolous.  I mean, it’s just going to go down the drain, right?  I’m a bit ashamed to say that I’ve gotten spoiled in Japan with all of the fun toilet paper offerings that allow you to enjoy the few seconds before and after your wipe.

Herb Garden Lavender Toilet Paper

First, there’s perfumed toilet paper.  Every time the roll turns, whatever scent you choose lightly fills the room.  I like the lavender toilet paper from Herb Garden, but I’ve also seen many other floral and herbal scents like chamomile, sandlewood, mint, and rose.

Then, there’s the patterns to choose from.  Floral is the most common, but if you’re decking out your kids’ bathroom, how could you resist these character-printed toilet paper rolls?

And just in time for the holidays, Christmas-themed toilet paper!  Frivolous? Yes. But fun? Definitely!


7 thoughts on “A little toilet humor

  1. you know what, I was going to do a post on this as well… I mean, aren’t some of the products here just ridiculously hilarious? I’ve got a couple of pictures I could even send off to engrish.com (you’ve heard of it, right?)
    too funny… love the post!

    • Haha I agree! They think about the most obscure things. One of my favorites is the lint roller for your floor! Have you seen that? My pet peeve for engrish.com would be how they use “take care” all of the time instead of “be careful” or “beware”.

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