Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

[photo via Grande Dame]

Liquid nitrogen ice cream parlors have been making their way around the globe – London, NYC, Hong Kong – but it hasn’t reached Tokyo yet.  Using this technique to freeze the ice cream, the texture is supposed to be creamier and the flavors more authentic.  Plus it only takes 30 seconds to make – truly instant gratification.  Oh how I want to make this in my kitchen.  A liquid nitrogen ice cream party/bar would be so chic and awesome – a great adult twist on the classic childhood theme during the summer.  Or even for a wedding – how great would those pictures be!  Have you tried this in your kitchen or in your city?  Was it as tasty and cool as in my imagination?

P.S. Apologis for th dlayd postings rcntly.  I’m having trouble with my ‘e’ key.  It hasn’t been working, and apparently ‘e’ is really important in the English language.



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