Shichi Go San Festival

Shichi Go San Festival in JapanShichi Go San is a Japanese festival held every year on the weekend closest to November 15th.  It’s a celebration for children 3, 5, and 7 years of age and involves a special short ceremony at their local shrine where they pray for health and longevity.  For most, it’s the first time they dressed up in kimono, and boy were they cute!

Shichi Go San Festival in Japan

All of these little girls and boys dressed to the 9s in their intricately-detailed outfits.  Their parents must have planned and worked very hard the morning before the ceremony.  It usually takes an hour and one or two people to dress an adult in a kimono.  For a squirmy toddler?  Haha I can just imagine!

Shichi Go San FestivalNevertheless, the kids looked adorable and were full of energy as during the ceremony and posing for plenty of family photos.  I managed to sneak a few shots of the pretty kimonos including one of my nephew, complete with a samurai sword (ornamental of course!).Shichi Go San Festival


10 thoughts on “Shichi Go San Festival

  1. The first photo especially is wonderful, though they all are excellent.

    I wish I had known the exact date for Shichi go san, but the weather hasn’t been as good in Shiga as where you were, so I’ve been hiding under the kotatsu…

    • That’s my favorite too :) Ohh you’re in Shiga! It’s the perfect season for autumn leaves down there now. It must be so beautiful! Amen to the kotatsu. We don’t have one, but we’ve been curling up in the electric blanket!

  2. Hi J! Nice photo! I studied Shichi Go San Festival last month during the Japanese Culture course but i didn’t see any photos… if I was there, probably I would have taken 1000 photos!!

    • Hey! Long time no talk :) How is your Japanese going? Ready for a visit yet? Hahaha I’m sure you would have loved shichi go san and taken some great photos. We went to a medium-sized shrine, but I think some of the popular ones around Tokyo must have been bustling with so many kids dressed traditionally. So adorable!

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