International Foodie Pen Pal Program: December

I’m happy to formally announce that the International Foodie Pen Pal Program is now open to everyone (bloggers and non-bloggers alike)!  If you are interested in joining for the upcoming December box, please drop me an e-mail at with your name, location, blog URL, and acceptance of the terms below by Nov 30th.  The test run was a huge success!  Thank you again to the test runners for your participation and feedback.  Here are the edited guidelines for the program here on out:

  • Who can participate: foodies worldwide.
  • International foodie boxes will go out every other month: February, April, June, August, October, and December.
  • The suggested maximum value of each box is the equivalent of 15 USD.
  • One month turnaround: You’ll receive an e-mail with the name and e-mail of your foodie pen pal at the beginning of the month.  Please contact your pen pal about dietary restrictions and preferences.  Pack a box filled with local foodie products and a hand written note (making sure that everything will survive the long journey).  Your box should arrive before or during the 3rd week of the month, giving your pen pal time to photograph and try the products before blogging about it on the 30th or 31st.  For readers, feel free to offer to guest post on your pen pal’s blog!

And the fine print:

  • International shipping is expensive so use your best judgement.  Heavy packaging like glassware and bottles increase costs so it’s something to think about when shopping.  International shipping and customs can be fickle so purchasing tracking information is recommended.  (We didn’t have any problems in the test run, but it’s best to be safe.)
  • Continued participation in the program is assumed unless you e-mail me otherwise (  Please cancel before the foodie pen pals are assigned on the 1st of the month.
  • I’ll do my best to mix and match pen pals from different parts of the world for different months, but your desired location is not guaranteed.
  • All participants will do their best to meet the dietary needs and restrictions of their pen pal.  It’s your responsibility make sure that any goods you receive will not cause you any harm.  Oh My Omiyage is not responsible for any foul play or sickness.
  • Please beware of country’s customs restrictions.  Try your best to avoid any foods that may be held or confiscated by customs.
  • If for whatever reason you don’t receive a box, Oh My Omiyage isn’t responsible.  Although most participants have the best of intentions, sometimes shipments are lost or confiscated or sometimes a box fails to be shipped.  If your box doesn’t arrive, Jen at Oh My Omiyage will look into the cause.  If the box didn’t arrive because it wasn’t shipped at all, the participant will receive a warning.  If this happens a second time, he/she will no longer be able to participate.  (Just keepin’ it fair!)
  • You give permission to Jen at Oh My Omiyage to distribute your e-mail and/or blog URL to your foodie pen pal of the month.  Your personal information will not be distributed or used for any other purpose.  Participants won’t distribute any personal information from pen pals or use it for spam, promotions, or any other unsolicited contact.

Feel free to spread the word if you have foodies in your network :)   Here are some of the test run posts: Fukutoshin Daily Press, Cardinal Guzman, and my reveals 1 and 2.


8 thoughts on “International Foodie Pen Pal Program: December

  1. Ooh please do this again this year!! I would love to take part. Plus it’ll probably be after my major exams so I have time to put together a mini haul for someone :D

    • Hi Antoliya! I’ve been busy lately so this has sadly gone by the way side, but I should resuscitate it this fall! Thanks for reminding me :) If you could, shoot me an e-mail at, and I’ll include you when we do it again! Maybe in October?

      • Oh man. My exams last throughout the whole November so I’ll be studying for it in October. Maybe you could do it in November/December again? *fingers crossed* Heehee. But I’ll drop you an email anyway :)

      • Hahaha ok! November then :) December was a bit hard when we did it last year because everyone was busy with the holidays! November actually works better for me too!

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