Missing Summer Days..

Surfing near Enoshima, JapanAll of the seasons are a bit delayed here in Tokyo – we’re just getting into autumn.  For the past few days (except for one gloomy day), it’s been sunny, chilly autumn weather.  It’s that perfect time when you can get away with just a light jacket and don’t have to feel like a marshmallow walking down the streets or try to wedge between two fellow equally-bundled train commuters.  The leaves are just starting to change here, but it hasn’t reached its peak yet.  As much as I love this weather, I’m dreaming of those late summer nights on the beach.  Oh how I miss easy peasy summer!


5 thoughts on “Missing Summer Days..

  1. oh i miss summer too! especially that summer day we went surfing and i sat under the brolly with muumuu! :) that was a good day!

    p.s. i know it doesn’t sound like a good day. but it was really a beautiful day watching yall surf!

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