Happy Halloween Party

With my mother in law still in the hospital last weekend, I decided to throw a Halloween party there to liven up the mood!  Japanese hospitals are extremely quiet and disheartening.  I believe that people heal faster with smiles, laughter, and a party so I did my little bit to help with the recovery process!

A Halloween corner with treats and treat alternatives:

Halloween Treat Corner

Halloween Treat Corner

Halloween Treat Alternatives for Patients

A costume bar:

Halloween Party Costume Bar

Halloween Party Costume Bar

Some DIY Halloween treat bags:

DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween Treat BagsAccordion pinwheels and felt bunting spruced up the walls.  I wanted to keep the atmosphere lively with blue instead of the traditional Halloween black.

Halloween Bunting and Pinwheels

Felt Bunting and Accordion PinwheelsWe added a balloon wall shaped like a pumpkin.  It served purely as decor – popping the balloons would have made for some angry nurses!

Pumpkin Balloon Wall

The party completely transformed the room, and all of the nurses were shocked to walk into our little party.  We designed Halloween and Thank You cards and handed out candy to the nurses and doctors.  It was fun to share Halloween with people who have never experienced it before and who had the most to gain from a little impromptu party!


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Party

  1. That’s an incredibly nice thing to do! Wishedi was there to help! Bet your mother in law felt the love!! ;) did anyone try the costume bar,??

    • I wished you were here too.. and Daniel. All of my aerial decor keeps falling down. Haha I wonder why….? We played with the costume bar a lot and wandered the halls with all of our costumes on :) Everyone is camera shy though for me to post their pics here, and I was behind the camera so there’s no shots of me! lol

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