Foodie Pen Pal International: Reveal

A few weeks back, a few bloggers and I test ran an international foodie pen pal exchange.  Including myself in Japan, our little test group included bloggers from the US, Europe, and South East Asia.  The first box I received was from the amazingly talented Erica from North Carolina over at Dogs Make Everything Better.  Check out her blog if you’re a dog lover – it’s filled with inspiring stories, travel, and her experiences as an entrepreneur.

Back to the exchange – Erica’s box BLEW MY MIND!

Foodie Pen Pals International: Reveal (

Look at this beautiful packaging!  All of the goods were impeccably wrapped and protected with such attention to detail.  I was immediately in love even before seeing the crazy hoard of local North Carolina food.

Foodie Pen Pal International Reveal North Carolina

Needless to say, Erica went way above and beyond in every way.  Here’s what she included (please excuse my overuse of exclamation marks – I’m just that excited!):

  • Canned boiled peanuts – these reminded me so much of my childhood in the south!
  • Picked Bamboo – great topping on salads and a healthy snack by itself
  • Moravian Toasted Coconut Cookies – disappeared in 2 days
  • Crab House Seasoned Nuts – perfect seasoning and crunch with drinks!
  • Salt water taffy – can you ever go wrong with taffy??
  • Mama Zuma’s – the spiciest chips you’ll ever have.  My hubby couldn’t take it so I could hoard it all to myself!
  • Scuppernong Jelly – my first time trying scuppernong – a muscat-like grape.
  • Cackalacky Sauce – I just love the name & it’s the perfect zesty-ness to top off my Mexican food and even fried rice!
  • A chic kitchen towel featuring all of the local sightseeing spots!

Foodie Pen Pal International Reveal North Carolina

Isn’t this box too good to be true?!  She really knows how to pick local products!

Foodie Pen Pal International Reveal North Carolina

I made a coordination error and ended up exchanging with 2 foodies.  I sent boxes with goodies from Japan over to reader Michelle and blogger Adeline over at Intrigued With (her blog is filled with great photos – check her out).  I’ll post about the yummy box I received from Adeline in Singapore this weekend!

P.S. Want to join the international foodie exchange? Our December exchange is open to anyone who wants to join!  Drop me an e-mail at


21 thoughts on “Foodie Pen Pal International: Reveal

  1. Oh my…that’s a really great box Erica did for you. I hope she got mine, but it pales greatly next to hers of course….Hope she’s not too disappointed with it though. Oh pls put me down for the December one if you have an opening :) I am determined to do better this time round XD

    • Her box puts mine to shame too so don’t feel too bad! She gave me so much inspiration for my next box :) Did you enjoy your box you received? I’ll have to go and check out your post! Have you blogged about it yet? Feel free to link it here!

    • I did get your box and thank you so much for sending it! It arrived the day before I left on my trip to Italy, so I really only had time to open it (with my husband’s help :-) ) and read your note. I apologize for not sending you a thank you! You did a great job with your selections, and very clever because the seasoning packets allow me to make entire meals! I’m really looking forward to trying them all. So far the only thing I’ve tried are the Camel Satay Broad Beans–very tasty! So thank you very very much!

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    • I spotted your post yesterday! It looked great. Your box with all of the different jerkies looked so interesting too – I never knew there were so many varieties especially the reindeer one. I should start a dedicated Foodie International page where you all can link up your posts, and I can blogroll everyone who’s participating!

  3. Thanks for the great post about the box I sent! Great job photographing it, too! You know, there are some things in there I have never tried myself, like the Cackalacky Sauce and the pickled bamboo… I’ll have to pick some up and give them a try. And even though a few things aren’t exactly FROM North Carolina, like the pralines, they’re very common to find and we sure have a lot of pecan trees here. Glad you enjoyed the box!!

    • You made it so easy to take great pictures of your box. Ahhh the packaging! I’m still smiling whenever I see the pictures :) You did such a great job choosing local products and really inspired me to do better next time too! I love the Cackalacky Sauce – it’s not as spicy as tabasco so I can use a lot of it! So many things reminded me so much of my childhood in the south. There used to be a boiled peanut vendor near a lake we used to visit on the weekends, but they did some major construction around there so the place closed down. They were my mom and my favorite snack, and the can you sent me tasted just like those! I can’t thank you enough!

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