Another Dress Bites the Dust

Yesterday, a man asked me if I’m pregnant… and I’m not!

Well, I should clarify my first statement. Since I don’t speak Japanese, he didn’t quite ask me verbally. It was more like a lot of motions towards the stomach and gestures of a baby bump, which would have made the experience more embarrassing if I weren’t ‘used to’ this scenario. Yup. I’ve gotten used to it!  Now, it just makes me laugh out loud and smile all day and realize I’ve eaten too many desserts.

This was the third time in my life that this has happened to me, and two previous outfits I’ve worn got immediately thrown away. My outfit yesterday is going in the garbage too.  I should’ve known that the skirt flared a little bit too much!

All of this reminds me of when my dad wrongly congratulated the receptionist at his office for being pregnant, and it became a running joke in our family for years.  If this has happened to me enough times to get used to it, and my dad also made the same error, then it must be more common than you’d think! (Or we’re just a really comical family..)

Have you ever wrongly asked someone if she was pregnant?  Or have you ever been wrongly asked?  I’ve already admitted my shame.. please share yours!

[Images via Everything Fabulous]


18 thoughts on “Another Dress Bites the Dust

  1. I just realized that as much as a non-pregnant person is not likely to find it funny when asked if she is pregnant, a really pregnant person will not be amused when no one ask her ‘cos it probably means everyone around her assumed that she has put on weight and is fat! LOL

    • Haha that’s true!! I never thought about it that way. Ok I feel better then because I kind of did a public service for all pregnant woman out there! Lol

  2. ooh that’s a tough one, I’d rather be asked though then be the one that asks. My aunt asked my best friend when she was due and rubbed her belly at a christmas dinner once…oh the awkwardness…Lol!

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