Hand in Hand

Do you often feel that good and bad go hand in hand?

Yesterday, we received some very worrying news about my mother in law.  On the other hand, one of my nearest and dearest friends gave birth to a healthy baby boy, and they are both doing spectacularly.  It’s such a mix of extreme emotions.

Thank goodness for the good news though since it helps to ‘pad the fall’ and gives us some perspective and hope.

My mother in law is going in for additional tests today.  Please help us pray for her health and quick recovery.

When someone tells you, “I’ve got good news and bad news.”  Which do you choose first?

[Photos via Molly Alone and The Chive]


14 thoughts on “Hand in Hand

  1. I always want the bad news, because I’m a woman, and if I hear “bad news” my imagination is probably going to tell me something worse than the news really is. ;)

  2. My prayers are with your mother in law, I hope she gets well soon.

    I will always choose bad news first. I prefer to have the good news to cushion the earlier fall.

    And when I am the one offering someone else the option, I rather they choose to hear the bad news first….it feels better to end the conversation with a smile.

  3. Always the good. Sorry to hear about the mil! I thought it was just something small when I texted!! Is she ok?! Fingers crossed for her!!

    • Yeah she’ll be ok I hope! I didn’t want to send you any bad vibes because you should be nothing but ecstatic and joyful now!! I’m only sending the good thoughts to you :)

  4. Hope all is well with the in-law. Keep us updated.

    I’m the opposite. I always choose the good news first. Maybe to have something to brace myself with before hearing the bad news. And when I don’t like the bad news, I’ll pretend like I’ve never heard the bad news at all. Wot bad news? ;)

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