Tsurotontang: Simply Great Udon

Tsurotontang Tempura Udon in Roppongi, Tokyo Japan

Last week, one of my oldest friends came to Tokyo. I love when friends and family come to visit. Besides the fact that I love to organize any type of event, I get to experience the things I take for granted now through fresh eyes and taste buds. And if I help them navigate through the tourist traps and language barriers along the way, that’s an added bonus. We hit all of my favorite spots, and my heart warms when they leave loving Tokyo.

Tsurotontang Udon in Roppongi Open Kitchen

One of my favorite udon restaurants is Tsurotontang.  Udon itself is very simple, but if it’s made properly (as is the case at Tsurotontang), it’s a great example of how the Japanese do everything to perfection and take such pride in everything they do.  The udon here is thick, chewy, and served in the most delectable broth.  I usually order a simple udon with tempura, chicken, or kitsune so that I can really taste and enjoy the udon itself.  This restaurant doesn’t specialize in tempura, but if you don’t have time to make it to tempura restaurant, it’s quite good here!  It’s served with salt or can be dipped in the udon broth.

Tempura Udon at Tsurotontang Restaurant in Roppongi

If you go, don’t be shocked by the large bowls and spoons.  The serving size is about 1/3rd of that huge bowl. Also don’t be scared of the line if you go during peak hours. It moves quickly and is well worth the wait!

3-14-12 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo


7 thoughts on “Tsurotontang: Simply Great Udon

  1. Hi!
    Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I hope this will be welcome news for you. Some people choose not to participate, others enjoy the opportunity to visit new-to-you blogs and to be visited by new-to-you bloggers.
    Regards from Barcelona!

    • Aww thank you!! This comes as a such a happy surprise. I’m so honored that you chose me! I’ll try to do it justice. :)

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