Eboshi Chigasaki

Crab filled with roe

This past weekend was another long weekend here in Japan.  When I asked my husband what the holiday was for, he couldn’t answer like most of the holidays here!  Whatever the holiday was for, we were glad to have an extra day off to hit the beach and a great local seafood dinner at Eboshi in Chigasaki, not far from Enoshima.

We went here 2 years ago during the middle of a typhoon.  There were just a few tables full that night, but on Sunday, the place was packed from 5:30pm and stayed packed (with a long line out front) until we left after 7pm.  I can see why too!  Man this place is good.  All of the seafood is seasonal and fresh, mostly farmed locally, and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the food.

I loved adorable little fried mini crab on our sashimi plate:

Adorable Crunchy Mini Crab on a Sashimi Plate

One of my favorites, uni fried rice with perfectly crispy rice:

Uni fried rice baked on a shellPacific saury are in season for the autumn:

grilled pacific saury served with daikon and lemon

And a meaty ise-ebi “steak”:

Ise Ebi Steak

And some grilled hamaguri clams:

hamaguri clams

I can’t wait to go again soon.  If you’re in the area, definitely make a reservation or go early for a table.  It’s worth it!

Eboshi Chigasaki
5-17-56 Nango
Chigasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken


11 thoughts on “Eboshi Chigasaki

  1. that’s one of my favorite places! I’ve actually been out to Eboshi.. that big rock in Sagami Bay… you know the story behind that, right?

      • you have to have your own boat to get out to Eboshi, (the rock in Sagami Bay). It used to look like ‘kabuto’ the samurai helmet, but after the war, the US navy took target practice on it and destroyed one of them!

      • Oh that’s too bad. I did a quick google search. It reminds me of a large shark fin! How interesting. I’ll have to go check it out next time!

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