Southern Hospitality Dinner Party

Southern Hospitality Dinner Party by oh my omiyage

This past weekend, we had special guests at our place for a meet and greet.  Growing up in the south, I love “Southern Hospitality” and everything it stands for – kindness, friendliness, and that comfortable, homey feeling that you only get around people who really make you feel welcome.  I stand by this whenever I throw a party, but this time, I made it the theme.

Kraft paper tablescape

For me, southern hospitality is thoughtful and put together but just enough so that the ‘feel’ is still relaxed.  Going with this easy-going theme, I used kraft paper ‘tablecloth’ with drawn-on chargers and just a few colorful blooms.

Southern Comfort Food

Our menu for the night was filled with the classic southern comfort foods – mac & cheese, BBQ ribs, creamed corn, and brussel sprouts.  I have some yummy new recipes to share with you guys!

Kraft Paper Tablescape with Rustic Bread

I used some chalkboard paper to make these simple place cards, and wrapped the baguette with a little bow.

Chalkboard Paper Place Cards

Votives transformed the simple kraft paper into a warm and rustic table perfect for an outdoor wedding, housewarming, or grown up baby shower.  Everything looks beautiful under candlelight!


13 thoughts on “Southern Hospitality Dinner Party

  1. Looks beautiful Jen, and what a great theme! Didn’t realize you grew up in the south, but I remember somewhere you’d mentioned Chick-fil-A :-)

    • Haha good memory! I grew up in Atlanta until I left for college, but my parents and brother still live there so I can still get my Chick-fil-A fix whenever I visit :)

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