I’m a hoarder of…

…shopping bags.

I cleaned out my apartment yesterday and couldn’t believe how many shopping bags I’ve amassed in every nook and cranny of my place.

I always want to reuse them, but when the time comes, I can never find the right size, shape, or color.  There’s just too many to rifle through.  I guess that should have been a sign.

I finally decided that extra storage space is more necessary so I threw them all out.  Sometime soon, I know I’ll say to myself, “Aw MAN!  That bag would’ve been perfect…” Is there anything that you “collect” or just can’t manage to throw away?

Images via Indulgy, Netrobe, and Gotta Have It


12 thoughts on “I’m a hoarder of…

  1. My weakness would have to be clothes, new or barely used ones. I clean them out of the closet but when it is time to give them away my heart will clench so badly I have to put them back making excuses like I will wear that soon *LOL* but it is my resolution this year to do it!

    • LOL! I know the feeling! It’s so sad to throw them away. But I’ve gotten better about it… I just send them all to store at my parent’s house! lol

    • Oooo not my place. Hahah Great way to use shopping bags though, isn’t it?

      oops i remembered to link but didn’t post the credits – i’m fixing it now!

  2. oh my gosh, i totally know what you mean!!! i had 5kg worth of shopping bags in my suitcase when i went to LA and i had to throw them out at the airport. so embarrassing lol

  3. what do i NOT hoard is more the question! you should see the crazy stuff that springs up when we open boxes! :) but of them all, shoes are my greatest weaknesses.. *sigh*

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