Cooking Karma

With a handful of exceptions, I’ve usually gotten lucky with new recipes.  Testing in my kitchen has always been a fun adventure with a nice, tasty ending.

But this past week or two, I’ve been on a pretty bad cooking streak.  So much so that last night, my husband said to me sheepishly, “Can I say… this is probably the worst thing you’ve ever made.”  We broke out laughing because it was bad.

For me, the worst part is throwing it away.  My heart sinks every time I have to scoop up my hard work and dump it in the trash.  …But it could feed so many people (if it were edible).

Now I’m scared to dive into the kitchen again even though there’s a recipe or two I’ve been eyeing.

What’s the worst dish you’ve ever made?

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25 thoughts on “Cooking Karma

  1. If I want to be really honest with myself? I would say about 90% of the stuff I made aren’t that edible. Well, not to the point of dumping them, that accounts for 40% of my experiments. Although I am still not convinced I need cooking lessons….yet! LOL

  2. A non bake strawberry cheesecake which refused to stand despite freezing it for hours. In the end, we had a cheesecake purée which we have to dump! $30 worth of ingredients and hours of effort, all gone to waste! :(

  3. I always failed when made traditional food. It’s embarrassing but i ate half of it, then put it on refrigerator until i am ready to throw it away and never tell anyone, lols.
    Last time i made sponge cake with new silicone bakeware turnout uncooked in the middle.
    btw, never give up to try i know you good in cooking ;)

    • Haha Thanks Adelheid! Ooo I had the same problem with silicone bakeware too – it kept burning the surfaces that it touched, but it wouldn’t cook the inside enough. Haha But sticking dishes in the fridge could be a good idea. At least it’d delay my sadness! :)

  4. Lemon curd cake — I forgot to beat the egg white and yolks together before pouring into mixture. Stringy whites in the resultant cake is really not appetizing so into the bin it went! No idea what possessed me to overlook such a basic step. Hah! That said, I’m pretty sure your cooking is delish and this is just a bad spell that will soon pass :) Having a honest man sure helps!

    • Ooooo hahaha yeah that doesn’t sound good! Sometimes it’s those simple things that just kick me in the butt too. Multi-tasking doesn’t help too :) Btw – your box is just about ready to go. It’ll go in the mail tomorrow! *cross my fingers that you enjoy it*!

  5. are you kidding me? i only have edible decent meals very rarely! thats when i even get into the kitchen and cool!! SERIOUSLY! :) you can do it, jen!! just keep trying!! :)


    • hahaha that’s not true :) you always have yummy recipes and photos on your blog, and I know you cook more than you say you do :P but I’ll never forget our bitter cupcakes. lol!!

  6. Ahihihi. Nice honest husband you have.
    I don’t cook. I tried it before but just really couldn’t get the hang of it. Plus, I’m a solitary man that cooking for and by myself actually turning out be an inconvenience. I still do it, but just fried this-and-that esp. eggs and rice. :D
    Cooking nightmares? Let’s just say, during my cooking OJT’s (:D), I always have to put sugar for the final ingredients. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Hahahahahaha! I agree though – sometimes cooking for 1 is a bummer and so much effort for no gratitude. Haha Do you ever bring dates back and cook for them? It might be good to practice one killer dish! Nothing like a home cooked meal to bring in the ladies! ;) or you could always buy takeout and re-plate it as if you cooked it. I’ve been guilty of that once or twice!! :)

  7. Oh I had so many fights with my own husband over my experiments. He refuses to eat when it doesn’t taste good or unheard of to him. Case in point mini fruit tarts with lemon cream cheese icing (cream cheese with lemon?? who would do that, he asked) or most recently, the zucchini almond bread (He said this bread is sweet. At least brioche is sweet but light, yours is compact. How do you even eat that?). I’m like.. c’mon, it’s not THAT bad. Actually I just threw away the zucchini loaf after forcing myself ate it for 2 days in a row.
    Take comfort that your husband pays attention to your cooking, to be able to tell which one is good and bad.

    Btw do you cook with your husband together? At the beginning of my marriage, we used to choose a recipe together and cook it together. I feel braver since I have another pair of eyes to check the taste, consistency of batter, taking turns in kneading the dough and cleaning the kitchen. I don’t know why we stop, but I think I should make a cook date with my husband soon!

    Hope your bad spell will go away soon.

    • Ooo cream cheese with lemon fruit tarts?? That sounds scrumptious!! I saw your post on the zucchini bread on the go and haven’t had time to comment. Sweet bread is yums and urs looked great! I don’t mind denser breads either~

      My husband and I used to cook together when we lived in LA (or even better, he would cook for me!) but now he works long hours and doesn’t have time. I don’t mind though because our kitchen is small and he makes a big mess! (hehe don’t tell him I said that..) It’s so sweet that you cook together though. And although H might be set in his ways, he’s just spoiled by your yummy food all the time!

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  9. I tried going vegan a couple of times. Every vegan recipe I ever made was awful. Especially the side dishes using leafy greens. I’m insanely good with fish and dessert though.

    • Oooo I’m so jealous that you’re ‘insanely’ good with dessert! Do you bake up vegan desserts too? Is there a reason why you tried going vegan a few times? Are you still vegan now?

      • I’ve never really liked meat, except seafood, and I’m allergic to dairy. I’m not vegan anymore. I fell off the wagon and into a seafood market. I am toying with the idea of moving to Japan. Is it really difficult to avoid dairy there?

      • Oh you’re thinking about moving here!! How exciting! It’s hard here for pure vegetarians or people allergic to gluten, but as long as you eat seafood, you should be ok! I think dairy should be easy enough to avoid too over here. If you have any questions about moving or life here, feel free to drop me a comment or e-mail!

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