Kamakomae: A Beach for Surfers

Kamakomae Beach Shonan Surfers

Last weekend, a typhoon approached Japan so surfers crowded the beaches for some amazing waves.  After surfing at the beach south of Enoshima, we drove up the coast to head to a famous local ramen shop.  The ramen shop was closed because of the holiday (booooo!), but we were able to check out Kamakomae Beach along the way.

Surfers waiting for waves during a typhoon at Kamakomae Beach

Kamakomae Beach Surfers

Enoshima Beach is more popular with families, beach-goers, and a wide range of surfing levels, but Kamakomae was filled with more advanced surfers and many wives and children who watched from the beach.  The morning was overcast, but it cleared up to a sunny and humid afternoon.  Here’s a view of the coastline towards Hayama.

Kamakomae Beach Coastline and view of Hayama

What are your plans this weekend?


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