A Tsukiji Kind of Anniversary


Japanese Zuwai Crab

Two years ago, my hubby and I signed the paperwork that made us officially married.  Among the things that we bonded over years ago was our love for seafood – specifically crabs.  We realized this during a trip to San Francisco where we both busily scarfed down a whole dungeness crab each in 20 minutes flat, barely speaking to each other or our friends who only shared a clam chowder while staring at us in amazement like they were watching monkeys giving birth in the zoo.  For that, I still offer condolences to our friends whose view of us dramatically changed that day.  I offered them an award if they could find any meat left in those crab shells.  They didn’t take me up on that offer.  I think they were still in shock.

Hairy Crabs at Tsukiji

So this anniversary, we decided to hit Tsukiji and have a simple seafood feast at home.  And oooo was it worth it!  Tsukiji was packed on Saturday early afternoon, filled with locals, weekend browsers, restaurant goers, and a ton of tourists.  We pressed our way through the crowds searching for crabs and hit the jackpot!

Japanese Spider Crabs at Tsukiji

For about 6000 yen, we picked up a half a dozen oysters, 2 live Japanese Zuwai crabs, and a dozen clams.  Before going home, we stopped to have a chirashi bowl (bowl of rice topped with sashimi – first photo).  This is my favorite thing to eat at Tsukiji.  Most tourists go to the sushi restaurants, but in my opinion, sushi in Tokyo is just as good.

Chirashi at Tsukiji


Peeling and cracking crab over candle light isn’t as romantic as going to a restaurant, but I wouldn’t have traded in this meal for any other.  Here’s to decades more of happy, crab-filled life together, hubby!


19 thoughts on “A Tsukiji Kind of Anniversary

  1. I used to go crabbing often north of Seattle. In the crabbing season, we would put down about 6 or 7 pots and do two runs… get about 35 or 40 dungeoness easy…
    Are you a crack-and-eat or crack-and-pile? lol

    • Ooo I’m so jealous! I’ve dropped a few crab traps near Vancouver, but I never caught that many! We were ecstatic just catching 2 or so, but 40??!!! WOW!!!

      P.S. I’m a crack-and-eat, but when I get full, I become a crack-and-pile! Haha How about you?

      • May or so is a good time. places are of course key!
        At first I’ll crack and eat… after a couple of pieces, I’ll crack and pile! lol

      • How fun – I would definitely like to try crabbing again. It’s so much fun pulling up the trap! And if it’s filled like yours, I’m sure it’s even more fun! Haha Sounds like we’d be good crab eating buddies!

      • they get HEAVY!!! but, yes fun… my wife likes my plate too…after she doesn’t crack so much! haha!

      • That must be true! My family used to steal from my plate too. One day, I peeled a whole bowl hoping to have it for lunch, but my grandmother used it all for soup! Haha Dungeness are my husband and I’s favorite!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Haha! This post reminded me of a conversation years ago in San Francisco at work one day between two co-workers. One was Chinese American, and the other was half Burmese. They were talking about going somewhere for crabs, and this place was the “real” kind of crab place, and that they would happily eat all of the “stuff” inside the shell…green stuff, etc. Then they said it wasn’t like the “white” seafood/crab places where you just eat the chunks of meat. I couldn’t be offended, because they were right! Their conversation about sucking out the green stuff did make me queasy! Give me the chunks of meat any day! LOL

    • Thanks Erica! LOL When I go to restaurants, I sometimes wonder what happens to the rest of the crab. Luckily, I found a great place in LA that satisfies my craving. Not so much in Tokyo yet though. And the green stuff? It’s only second to the red stuff!! :)

    • Thanks Erica! LOL When I go to restaurants, I sometimes wonder what happens to the rest of the crab. And the green stuff? It’s only second to the red stuff!! :) Ooo that reminds me. There is a crab in Asia called a hairy crab. During the right season, there’s just a teeny bit of meat and the rest is red stuff! Sorry if I’m making you queasy!

  3. Awww… Happy anniversary. It’s not the place that makes the moment, it’s the people. And sometimes the food. ehehe ;)

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