Dreaming of a Pop-Up Party

For a long time, I’ve been dreaming of hosting a pop-up party in the park by our place.  It hasn’t gone through for a few reasons – the biggest one being that I’ll have to purchase the folding table and chairs, and our small apartment isn’t exactly synonymous with extra storage space.  After seeing these pictures from Oh Happy Day, I really want to host one of these on my own!  I mean.. there’s a lot of other uses for a folding table right??

The weather is still pretty warm in Tokyo, but the nights are starting to get cooler.  I figure the weather will be perfect by the end of the month!  Just enough time to buy all of my new party props.  And if all goes well, we’ll hopefully do it again at the beach!  Have you ever thrown a pop-up party?  Do you have any tips or advice?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


10 thoughts on “Dreaming of a Pop-Up Party

  1. Do it in a park! Get colored lanterns and stuff to hang on strings in the trees above you, not too bright, get a large blanket and do it pick nick style instead, to save on the purchase of the chairs… (^-^) A daytime party is the best, less insects etc. (^-^)

    • I agree! I love picnics too :) And we have TONS of throw blankets. Speaking of things hanging on trees – there’s nothing I love more than chandeliers on trees! Thanks for the tips!

  2. Hi,
    i love to read your blog, know it from little projects in style but never leave any comment.
    I saw same idea from pinterest but wondering if this pop up party is okay in Tokyo public park? Some park here already have table, maybe you can use it without buy your own table or chairs.
    Sometimes i did picnic with friends, but don’t really like it when people passing by and looked us weird :P So if you want some privacy maybe it will be nice to do it in not too popular park.
    Can you please post about this pop up party after you make it… i really want to know how you manage it :) thanks~

    • Hi! Oh I’m so happy to meet a reader :) Any friend of little projects is a friend of mine! I’ve seen a small table here and there in the park near my house sometimes. I’ve never seen a pop-up party, but my husband (who’s Japanese) seems to think it should be ok! That’s a good idea though – maybe I should look for a park with tables already!

  3. so cute. oh happy day is one of my favorite blogs to read for inspiration and ideas! I love the first picture of dinner on the beach with streams of lights overhead! good luck with your pop-up party! cheers!

    • that picture is my favorite too!! the golden gate bridge is such a perfect backdrop. oh happy day is one of my favorites too! hmm.. seems like great minds think alike :)

  4. chandeliers in the park! that’ll make taro such a happy man! :) remember to burn citronella candles to ward off bugs! i’ve never gotten bitten in tokyo but in singapore, everywhere!!!

    • really?? you never got bitten in singapore? i always do whenever we’re mounting our surfboards on the car, and somehow always in akasaka! i really want to test out the idea next to our house, but the park area where we picnic just keeps getting uglier. i don’t know why they can’t take care of the grass there!

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