Save the Date Postcards

Destination Wedding Save the Dates - Postcards from the Destination

When I started planning my wedding, I searched for save-the-dates that were easy going, Hawaiian-themed, and personal.  Originally, I planned to DIY some colorful paper leis, but I couldn’t find the right sized paper punch so the idea kept getting more and more complicated.

Before I could decide, I took a trip to Oahu to meet vendors and my planner.  These vintage-inspired postcards caught my eye at one of the many ABC Stores.  The idea was so simple.  Nothing says ‘destination wedding’ and travel like a postcard!  I bought a variety of them, added a felt heart sticker, and hand wrote them to all of my guests.  Sometimes, simple is best!


4 thoughts on “Save the Date Postcards

    • I agree! I found these other postcards later made out of wood, but it was too late. They were also 5x the price so maybe it was good that I already bought these! :)

  1. what a great idea! congrats on getting married!! whens the big day? Did I mention yet that I’m dying of envy that you’ll be in Hawaii soon?

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