Boring Folding Chairs No More!

There’s nothing more boring than most folding chairs.  Even when I hide them away, they suck all of the fun out of my storage area.  The solution?  This folding chair makeover.  It’ll make your less-than-charasmatic chairs look like they are straight from a designer shop!  DIY it with just a little bit of fabric and spray paint.  Just make sure they’re completely dry before you use them … or you’ll have equally colorful guests.

Spotted on Craftzine


11 thoughts on “Boring Folding Chairs No More!

  1. Love! way to put the fun in folding chairs. Try putting on a mask before spray painting or doing it outside and spray in the direction that the wind is blowing.

    • A mask! I’ll try that. The problem is my “patio” is basically just an “emergency exit” so it’s a little small! lol I’ll have to find a way though.. these are just too cute :) Thanks for the tips!

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