Foodie Pen Pals International: Test Run

A few days ago, I proposed foodie pen pals Asia, and I received so much support and great feedback (did I tell you yet that you’re all da bomb?) that I opened up the program to foodies around the world. Now that we have our first international foodie group, let’s give it a go!  For those of you who contacted me to participate, please e-mail me ( the best way for your foodie pen pal to contact you and your acceptance of the terms below.


‘Foodie Pen Pal International’ Test Run: How It Works

  • In the next few days, I’ll send you the e-mail address of your foodie pen pal.  Drop your pen pal an e-mail to ask about any food allergies or preferences.
  • By September 30th, ship a box of local foods with the maximum spending equivalent of 15 USD.  Homemade food works too if it can last the trip.  Include a personalized note in the box with instructions, recipes, or just to say hi!  Pack and pad the food so that your effort survives the long trip.
  • Your foodie box should be delivered within 2 weeks.  Tracking information is suggested if for whatever reason the shipment doesn’t arrive.
  • If you’re a blogger, post about your new stash on the last day of the month (October 31st -> I know this is Halloween so the 30th is ok too!).  If you’re a reader, feel free to offer to guest post on your pen pal’s blog about your new food goodies.

Now for the fine print:

  • International shipping can be expensive so use your best judgement to weigh costs vs shipping time.  To be fair, let’s all ship using a method that will be delivered within 2 weeks.  International shipping and customs can be fickle so purchasing tracking information is recommended.
  • I’ll do my best to mix and match pen pals from different parts of the world for different months, but your desired location is not guaranteed.
  • All participants will do their best to meet the dietary needs and restrictions of their pen pal.  That being said, it’s your responsibility make sure that any goods you receive will not cause you any harm.  Oh My Omiyage is not responsible for any foul play or sickness.
  • Please beware of country’s customs restrictions.  Try your best to avoid any foods that may be held or confiscated by customs.
  • If for whatever reason you don’t receive a box, Oh My Omiyage isn’t responsible.  Although most participants have the best of intentions, sometimes shipments are lost or confiscated (especially internationally) or sometimes a box fails to be shipped.  If your box doesn’t arrive, Jen at Oh My Omiyage will look into the cause.  If the box didn’t arrive because it wasn’t shipped at all, the participant will receive a warning.  If this happens a second time, he/she will no longer be able to participate.  (Just keepin’ it fair..)
  • You give permission to Jen at Oh My Omiyage to distribute your e-mail and/or blog URL to your foodie pen pal of the month.  Your personal information will not be distributed or used for any other purpose.  Participants won’t distribute any personal information from pen pals or use it for spam, promotions, or any other unsolicited contact.
  • Foodie Pen Pals International will make changes to the terms and process after this trial run.

This is a trial run to see if an International Foodie Pen Pal program is possible so I apologize to all participants if everything doesn’t go smoothly!  Hopefully we can work out the kinks this time and open up the program to more people :)


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