Post-Surfing Breakfast @ GARB Enoshima

GARB Enoshima 2F Patio

GARB Enoshima Patio 2F

GARB Enoshima Entrance 2F

GARB Enoshima Patio 2F

The sun rises early here in Japan, but last Saturday, we woke up before the sun rose – 3:45am!  We loaded our car with surf gear and headed to Shonan.  The streets of Roppongi were still busy with club goers and bar hoppers still in the middle of their drunken nights (clubs close around 5:30am in Tokyo – just in time for the first train).  A big typhoon hit Okinawa this past weekend, which brought a nice swell to Shonan and Chiba.  In July and August, Shonan has rules restricting surfers from 8am-5pm, which is the reason for our early call time.  Like many beaches in Tokyo last weekend, the time restriction and the expectation for nice waves made for extremely busy ocean.

After a morning of surfing great waves, we headed to breakfast at GARB.  This restaurant occupies the 3 floors of a beachfront building on top of Eggs N Things.  Eggs N Things does amazingly well in Japan, and there’s always a huge line of patrons willing to wait 1-2 hours for brunch.  We passed by this line and went immediately upstairs to GARB’s patio, which had a great view of Enoshima and the ocean.  I love the decor – it’s very airy, modern, and bright.  It reminded me of the beach-front cafes in LA.  Like most places in Japan, the service was spot on and the restaurant was spotless.

For breakfast, they have a small menu that includes classics with a twist.  My friend ordered a breakfast plate that included a boiled egg fried in panko!  It was such an interesting Japanese fusion twist on classic fried eggs.  The hubby ordered waffled topped with ice cream and mixed nuts while I got a classic breakfast dish with an omelet topped with tomato sauce.  All of the food was reasonable for the location, atmosphere, and quality.

Ice Cream Waffles topped with mixed nuts

Boiled egg fried in panko crumbs

Breakfast Plate GARB Shonan 2F

I loved the woven patio chairs – they were so chic that I wanted to bring them home!  The interior of the restaurant didn’t disappoint either with modern furniture that was mixed and matched so effortlessly with the uniting elements of wood all around the restaurant.  Their upper levels have an open patio as well with picnic tables where they offer food that you can grill up yourself.  I can’t wait to go back – it should be especially pretty during sunset!

GARB Enoshima 2F

RESTAURANT GARB [レストラン ガーブ] 江ノ島
〒251-0035 神奈川県藤沢市片瀬海岸2-17-23


7 thoughts on “Post-Surfing Breakfast @ GARB Enoshima

    • Haha Thanks! Have you been to Enoshima and Shonan? It gets a little bit crazy there during July and August with all the pop up beach stands, but it’s really nice around this time! I’m sure your kids would love it too :)

      • I haven’t been what I can remember. We just went to Kamogawa the other week, to visit friends and hang on the beach. Other than that we never go to the beach when in Japan..

      • That makes sense – especially since you guys spend a few months at the beach every year! Lucky ducks :) If you’re ever looking for a day trip, Kamakura and Enoshima are fun to walk around!

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