Rustic Baby Shower / See You Later Party

Finally after all of the inspiration, planning, and prep, the day of the Baby Shower / See You Later Party crept upon us, and I couldn’t wait!  Other than the decor, our friend Daniel was cooking a homemade Italian meal that was sure to be amazing.  I splurged on flowers for the event (flowers are expensive in Tokyo), but it added a really nice pop of color!

Rustic Baby Shower Tablescape with natural eggs

I’ve always loved the look of eggs.  Why only use them during Easter?

Rustic Baby Shower Tablescape with Natural Eggs

Above our heads were DIY-ed felt hot air balloons (tutorial here) with bunting.

Felt Hot Air Balloon Decor for a Baby Shower and Going Away Party

I used vintage maps and doilies for the table runner, and the flag place cards were watercolored (tutorial here) and in mini jars of jelly beans!

I used breadsticks to add texture to the table, and as a snack with our Italian meal.

Natural eggs and Italian breadsticks tablescape with watercolored flags

Happy hump day!  Hope you’re having a great week so far :)


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