Rustic & Whimsical Baby Shower Inspiration Board

Rustic and Whimsical Baby Shower Inspiration Board by oh my omiyage

Last week, I was happily tasked (by myself of course!) to plan a going away party for our friends, but since all of the couples except mine are expecting, I wanted to double it as a baby shower as well.  Two parties in one (like our Thankful for Birthdays Party) are my specialty since I always want to host more parties than I have time to do.   Here’s my inspiration:

1. I’ve always loved the rustic look of mixed eggs [via]

2. These hot air balloons from last week’s post are adorable for a baby shower and also perfect for an “Up, Up, and Away” going away party theme.

3. DIY watercolor place card flags – includes template and tutorial [via]

4. I thought a donut tower was just too adorable for words, but I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with donuts since Daniel (the chef) always overfeeds us with amazing food. [via]

5. Love kraft paper runners – they’re cheap and easy to clean up! [via]


2 thoughts on “Rustic & Whimsical Baby Shower Inspiration Board

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