Tokyo Desserts and Cafes Part 2

There just wasn’t enough room for all of the cafes yesterday so let’s continue the Tokyo dessert bonanza!  Here’s some more of our favorite places:

My favorite dessert shops and cafes in Tokyo

From the top left to bottom right:
Gazebo (Ebisu-Nishi)
Paper Moon (Hiroo)
King’s Cross, Paper Moon, Two Rooms (Omotesando)
Microcosmos Cafe (Shibuya)


6 thoughts on “Tokyo Desserts and Cafes Part 2

    • Haha That’s Tokyo’s blessing and curse – I’ve gained 10 pounds since I moved here! Haha it’s like freshman year of college all over again. :)

    • thanks! which magazine do you work for? i saw you mention that you write on your blog, but i didn’t catch which one. i’ll have to grab a copy and take a look! paper moon’s amazing – they have very posh decor, and a nice semi-open patio. they also have a branch in nyc. if you go, you must try their mille crepe cake! :)

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