Tokyo Desserts & Cafes

Walking around Tokyo, you’ll soon realize that it’s a haven for the sweet tooth.  Tokyo has such a great blend of Japanese, European, Chinese, and American desserts – and all done to perfection.  Zhing and I have a soft spot for desserts, and we definitely did the city justice.  Here’s just a small splattering of some of our favorite Tokyo desserts over the past year and a half!  More to come tomorrow :)

My Favorite Tokyo Desserts and Cafes

From the top left to bottom right, by row:
Giotto (multiple locations), 100% Chocolate Cafe (Kyobashi)
Starbucks (multiple locations), Homemade Cupcakes and Sorbet
Berry Parlour (Minami-Aoyama), Echire (Maranouchi)
Berry Parlour (Minami-Aoyama), Lupicia Salon (Jiyugaoka)


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Desserts & Cafes

  1. The Japanese desserts are wonderful. My favorite are the cakes and pies from BuzzSearch in Tokyo Station. There is a store in the area called GRANSTA.

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