Nancy Ramirez Prints

We renewed our lease last month, I decided that it’s time to start decorating our apartment for the longer term.  We’ve been living in a temporary state of furnishings and decor as we didn’t know where we would be living from year to year, and we were in a rush to move in quickly.  For those of you living in temporary apartment situations like me, do you decorate your place?

It’s harder to decorate in Tokyo with limited space and the rules against hanging anything on the walls, but it hasn’t stopped me from vying over these pretty prints from Nancy Ramirez.  I think I might be able to talk my husband into this one:

Night Peonies on Blue” is so pretty, but I don’t think the hubby would approve.

And I just LOVE this name – “Marliyn Monroses

I spotted these prints via Refinery29 who did a DIY hack of the first print.  Go check it out if you like it as much as I do!


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