Olympics in Japan

Are you as crazy about the Olympics as I am right now?  My house is Olympics central!

With this being my first Olympics while in Japan, it’s interesting to see how different countries cover the Olympics.  Just like in the US, they focus on their country’s teams and athletes.  But they also focus on different sports!

So far, the media here has focused on judo, gymnastics, and volleyball – all the sports where Japan has excelled.  It’s the first time I’ve watched judo, which was so exciting!  We were all screaming at the TV screen.  Do you do that too?

The international community in Japan makes Olympic viewing even more fun.  When our friends come over, we have so many countries to cheer for – and a nice rivalry when our countries compete against each other!

All images via Pinterest: here, here, and here.


One thought on “Olympics in Japan

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