Japanese Italian Seafood Restaurant

Whew – that’s a lot of categories in one restaurant.  Let me explain.  If you haven’t heard, Italian food is amazing in Japan.  I’ve read that Italians (and food critics) admit that the food in Tokyo rivals that from their hometown.  I hope to convince my dear friends at little projects in style about this soon enough!    That being said, like most good Japanese restaurants, they love specialities so many of them will specialize in a certain type of pizza, pasta, locale, fusion element, or ingredient.  One of my favorite restaurants in Kanagawa is Katsu’s.  Since it’s close to the ocean, they specialize in seafood – specifically, Japanese fish and sashimi.

This might look gross to some, but if you’re a fan of uni (sea urchin), this pizza is just TOO amazing. This is the reason why I keep going back to Katsu’s!  Three cheers for Japanese fusion pizza!

Uni Sea Urchin Pizza at Katsu's Kanagawa

And we usually also order pizza with these little fish.  If you can get over all the little eyes staring at you, it’s well worth the taste!

Fish Pizza at Katsu's Kanagawa

Our favorite appetizer is sashimi salad – so colorful, refreshing, and not fishy at all!

Sashimi Salad at Katsu's Kanagawa

There’s still regular Italian staples like meat sauce pasta…

Pasta at Katsu's Kanagawa

… and calamari in tomato sauce.

Calamari in Tomato Sauce at Katsu's Kanagawa

Katsu’s is family-owned and operated so the staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is laid back and homey.  There is a vintage sports car right at the entrance of the restaurant.  I’m not quite sure how it was parked there!

Katsu's Restaurant and Bar Kanagawa

And there’s a mini version decorating the shelves inside.

Katsu's Restaurant and Bar Kanagawa

Mmm I can’t wait to go back!

Katsu’s 神奈川県逗子市逗子7-1-51; 0468-72-1551


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