Asa Teishoku: Morning Set Meal

This past weekend was a long one – we had Monday off for Marine Day!  So we went surfing early in the morning (I mean really early. TOO early.).  We planned to visit a new branch of Eggs N Things in Shonan, but there was a line a block down the street even before the restaurant opened at 9am.  So instead, we went to Koya, which serves traditional teishoku in a homey, beachfront location with a nice covered patio.

Koya's Patio in Enoshima near Shonan

I love all of the wood blended with the traditional Japanese details normally found at teishoku restaurants.  The wooden tables and benches were fabulous and included little additions to make them more useful – like the basket to place your purse and some copper pipes under the table to hold the menus.

Chopstick Bowl at Koya in Shonan

Koya Tableware

Even their menu was a “clipboard” made from a slab of wood and held together with string and a chopstick.  How cute is that!

Menu at Koya

Many restaurants in Japan serve teishoku (pronounced: tay-show-koo), which is a set meal that usually includes rice, miso soup, a main, and some pickles or small sides to eat with your rice.  Since it was still around 9am, they were serving asa (pronounced: ah-sah; meaning: morning) teishoku.  A traditional Japanese breakfast usually includes the above with some type of salted or marinated grilled fish.  That’s what I got!  Although I snagged some karaage (pronounced: ka-ra-ah-gay; meaning: fried chicken) that was pretty tasty :)

Grilled Fish Japanese Teishoku with lemon and rice

Japanese Karaage - Fried Chicken at Koya

Japanese people mix a raw egg with soy sauce and add it to their hot rice for breakfast.  I was a bit adverse to this in the beginning, but it’s yummy!  Japan’s eggs are amazingly tasty, fresh, and beautiful (yes I said beautiful!) so it’s ok.  I wouldn’t try this in the States though!

Finished teishoku at Koya

Koya Enoshima 江ノ島小屋
2-20-12 Katasekaigan
Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa-ken 251-0024


6 thoughts on “Asa Teishoku: Morning Set Meal

    • I thought it was interesting when I first came to Japan too! It’s a pretty hearty breakfast, but many Japanese are now eating bread-based meals since it’s sometimes faster to prepare. :)

  1. Beautiful photos, love the details in presentation and setting :) I miss Japanese miso soup + fish breakfasts, oh so filling, and it’s the only time I actually have breakfast lol.

    • Hahaha Yes I don’t know how Japanese sometimes eat so much but stay so thin and fit! Well, I guess everything is very nutritious and healthy unlike our pancakes and waffles! :)

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