170,000 Japanese Protest

After surfing in Shonan very early yesterday, we came back to Tokyo to find that it was nearly impossible to go anywhere in the city!  There was a massive protest yesterday of 170,000 people against nuclear energy that broke up into different groups that walked alternate routes around the city, paralyzing traffic and pedestrians everywhere.

170,000 Japanese Protest Nuclear Power in 36 Degree Heat - July 16th

Many of the protesters were members of the Communist and Right-Wing parties, which could be one reason for the high turnout.  It seemed like it started near Yoyogi Park, where we saw a sea of people holding posters and chanting with loud speakers.  From there, we spotted them again and again all around the city including residential areas.  And boy are these people troopers – it reached a high of 36.6 Celsius yesterday!

Traffic Paralyzed due to Tokyo Protest Against Nuclear Power - Harajuku July 16th

In a city that demands punctuality, this protest caused many problems and many Tokyoites were very annoyed and intimidated by this group.  Above all, we weren’t able to make it to our friend’s house for a pre-planned Spanish tapas party.  And this friend is an AMAZING chef.  And you know how much I love food. *sigh*


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