Tokyo Dome Baseball Vendors: The Girls!

The vendor girls are by far my favorite part of Japanese baseball games!  There are probably about a hundred girls running around the stadium aisles working hard to sell beer, highballs, snacks, juice, and dessert.  These girls were too cute and charming, which helps because they’re paid by commission!

Highball Vendor Girl at Tokyo Dome

And boy do these girls work hard.  They were literally running up and down the aisles and stairs, rushing to every customer who beckoned them.  All the while, they were carrying huge cooler backpacks filled with whatever they were selling.  Can you imagine running up and down steep stadium stairs carrying a cooler filled with 5-8 gallons of beer in it?  Some of them carried a smaller cooler in front of them filled with ice too.  Talk about a workout!  Although you could tell they got a bit tired towards the end of the game, they always had a smile and were so peppy.

There were girls selling every brand of popular drinks so you could have your selection of beverage right from your seat.  When you call them, they’ll prepare your drink in front of you so it’s ice cold and perfectly foamed.  It even comes with a cute smile and a picture pose – no tip required!

When there’s nothing much going on in the game, these girls are such a fun distraction!


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