Giants Baseball Game at Tokyo Dome

Last weekend, we finally made it out to the Tokyo Dome for a Giants baseball game. The Giants is one of the most popular teams in Japan, and you could tell because the stadium was packed! Even Tokyo Dome Park was packed with families and fans sporting orange towels. Everything around the park was Giants themed including the 7-11.

Tokyo Giants 7-11 Convenience Store near Tokyo Dome

I’ve been wanting to go for awhile, but my husband isn’t a huge baseball fan. I admit – I’m not really into the sport either, but I love going to games for the food and the overall camaraderie! I was surprised that the area surrounding Tokyo Dome was so developed.  It’s so different from Dodger Stadium or Staples Center.  There was an amusement park and tons of restaurants that you can enjoy without a Giants game ticket.

Our cute friends Zhing and Daniel:

I was so happy that the game was indoors because it’s starting to get HOT here!  It was so nice to be indoors without the sun beating down on us.  That’s one of the reasons we chose to go to a Giants game – it’s one of the only indoor baseball stadiums.

As we walked towards the stadium, seeing all of the orange and the fans got us all psyched up!  Hubby got psyched seeing this statue of a famous player (who I don’t know the name of since I was focusing on the food) outside of the Adidas store:


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