The Happiness Advantage

The Happiness Advantage Inspirational Poster by Oh My Omiyage. Inspired by Shawn Achor's speech on  Find it at

Every now and then, I get hooked on and will watch it for hours!  This morning, I came across this funny and optimistic video of Shawn Achor, who is the CEO of a consulting firm that specializes in creating happier, more productive, and more successful organizations.  Apparently, our brains have been programmed all wrong, and if we just follow a simple 2-minute exercise everyday for 21 days straight, we’ll all be happy, smiling people.  And by being happier, we’ll all be smarter, more productive, and more creative!!

Watching this video inspired me to make this print!  I’m going to print it out and post it next to my bed to remind me every morning.  Download it here to follow it with me for the next 21 days!

Day 1
Today, I’m grateful for:

  1. Ombre everything & the person who discovered it creates pretty baked goods.
  2. Blue skies and a happy, sunny day.
  3. Being able to live in an apartment with tons of windows and a view of the blue skies not blocked by other buildings!

Positive Experience of the Day:
The hubby stopped by the house when he was on lunch break just to say hello!

Random Act of Kindness:
Creating and sharing the print & hopefully inspiring you all to be happy too!


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