The Rules of Ramen

Matsuya Interior Roppongi Midtown Sauces

– The variety of sauces at Matsuya –

Matsuya Gyudon Green Onion Beef Rice Bowl with an egg

– Gyudon (beef rice bowl) with green onions and an egg with a side of miso soup –

– Chicken curry dish –

Matsuya Gyudon Restaurant Roppongi Midtown Interior

Ramen, gyudon (beef rice bowl), and other noodles shops are a Japanese man’s world.   During lunch and dinner, most of these places are packed with a constant rotating customer base of Japanese workers seeking a fast, cheap, and easy meal.  Most women feel uncomfortable or self conscious going to these restaurants by themselves.  When a woman enters, many men look at her as if she’s an outsider or think she’s lonely.

Now a days, you can spot many women breaking the ‘rules’.  During peak hours, only about 10-20% of customers will be women.  This also depends on the restaurant as some are more women-friendly (higher end, nicer decor).  I mean just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean that you don’t enjoy cheap, fatty food, right? :)

A ramen shop, Ichiran, features individual cubicle seating that so that women can feel free to eat there without the shame of eating by yourself!


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