Kugenuma Beach: More people than fish

Remember how I said a few weeks ago that the beach in Japan can get crowded with surfers?  This past weekend was no exception.  It’s the start of summer after all, and the crowds at Kugenuma Beach will only get bigger and more diverse.

While Tokyo braved the rain, Kagenuma was a tad bit cloudy but still sunny and warm on Sunday.  In addition to surfers, the beach was filled with a variety of people including the surf rescue team, who are always running drills, but I never see them actually surveying the water!

Fishermen coming back from a morning’s catch…

Kids preparing for their school’s beach day…

And me, relaxing under the cloudy sky…

I can’t wait for the Beach Boys to get all set up so I can tell you all about them!


3 thoughts on “Kugenuma Beach: More people than fish

  1. Love the title. :D It’s like that during Summer in Malibu, Santa Monica.
    Are you talking about music when you mention Beach Boys?
    Awesome pictures, esp. the prep for school’s beach day. Thumbs Up!

    • Ahhh I wish the beach was as nice as Malibu or SM – I miss it there! Haha In the summer, pop up restaurants and bars are built on the edge of the beach. To attract customers (mostly young high school and college girls), tanned, young guys stand outside of their stores trying to rent beach umbrellas and loungers or to get them to patron their restaurant. It’s really interesting to people watch!

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