Stepping in Puddles

Friday was the start of rainy season in Japan.  During this season, the sky is filled with threatening, heavy clouds.  Once or twice a day, the rain will come crashing down in a short spurt of heavy downpour.  For the rest of the day, it’ll sprinkle and the humid air is filled with rain evaporating from the ground in the heat!

If you get caught without an umbrella, every convenience, drug, grocery, and miscellaneous store will move their ever-so-convenient umbrella displays out to the street for pedestrians to pick one up for 300 – 800 yen.  Walking through the crowded streets of Tokyo in the rain is like an umbrella dance.  Everyone raises, lowers, or slips their umbrellas at an angle to avoid hitting each other. It’s so polite! The occasional bump often punishes those pedestrians with a wet splash.

This season will last until the middle of July, when it’ll get insanely hot and humid.  Needless to say, these are not my favorite few months! :)  Hope you kept dry over the weekend!

Giving credit where it’s due: herehere, and here.


15 thoughts on “Stepping in Puddles

  1. It doesn’t matter the rain season and the humidity… Definitely I love Tokyo and the people that live in….
    I have been in three times but it’s no enough…I dream a long stay time and a work experience!!!!
    In the end your post is an ispiraton for me and this week I’ll post a umbrellas photo from Tokyo on my blog!

    Tks for sharing your photos!

    • Oh wow! 3 times already? You probably have visited all of the hot spots! Tokyo’s definitely a fun place to live – it’s a great place to have all sorts of new experiences, the people are so kind, and everything falls in order :) I can’t wait to see your photos from Tokyo – when was the last time you visited?

      • My last time was in April for two weeks. If you check my blog you could find some photos abuot my last Tokyo visit. You are right: the people are real friendly in Tokyo but, in my experience, is the same around Japan. Probably I’ll back in the winter season because I’m in love with the Hokkaido’s snow and onsen…
        On the top of my bucket list there is my first Japanese languege course…I’ll start it in september! It’s just a little step….

      • Oh how exciting! How long is the program? Is it in Hokkaido? I went to Sapporo for the first time 2 weeks ago, and I loved it. The pace of life is so nice there, and the food is oh so tasty.. and cheap! I’ll definitely check out your other pictures from Tokyo – hopefully you were able to see the cherry blossoms :)

      • Yes in Niseko! I have been in Sapporo two years ago for the Snow Festival….It was amazing! And yes, the food is really tasty and the people lovely. I’m planning to go again but I don’t know, at the moment, the date and the spot!
        I was lucky in my last time in Tokyo and I saw million of people walk with the nose up to see the cherry flower. The Sakura Blossom is like a religion service…
        I took lot of photos!!!

      • Haha you’re right! I never thought about it like that, but it is – like a drunk religious service! :) Im dropping over to see your photos now, which are amazing by the way! I’ve never been to Niseko but I’ve heard so many good things about it. Can’t wait to hear more about your plans!

      • Tks for your visit! I’ll brief you about my next journey in Tokyo and Hokkaido! I’ll check your blog constantly ‘couse it help me to smell the Tokyo scent and I’m really interested in your Japan style DIY!

      • Haha thanks! Yeah – keep us updated on your Japan travel plans. I’d love to hear about what your life in Hokkaido – I hope to go back soon to see the flower fields in Furano if we have time. Keep in touch. I’ll be stalking your blog too for photo inspiration!

    • thank you!! :) oooo i haven’t been able to see hanabi matsuri yet either even though i’ve been here for almost 2 years! i keep missing it with out of town trips. do you have a yukata? i can’t wait to get my first this summer – there’s so many beautiful ones!

      • unfortunately i don’t own a yukata, maybe coz i keep thinking i’m a foreigner so i shouldn’t be pretending to be a japanese lol. plus i don’t know how to wear one either (onsen ones don’t count haha). but i saw so many dressed up girls in Kyoto during sakura season, so so gorgeous.

        hope you catch the hanabi this year! :D

      • Hahaa I know what you mean! I really want to try wearing a kimono, but I’m afraid I’ll look terribly out of place :) even though I’ve been in Tokyo almost 2 years, I still stare in amazement at all of the women and girls wearing yukata and kimonos around the city. it’s such a great tradition!

  2. Aww I’m so happy to be home for the summer but now you’re actually making me miss Tokyo, even the rainy season! 2 more months, then we’ll be back to the heat and humidity! :)

    • Is the rain and gloom catching your eye even though you’re near the beach in the sun and perfectly timid weather? I guess grass is always greener! 2 more months is still a long time – I’m so jealous :)

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