A weekend in Sapporo

– Sapporo Classic Beer is only sold in Hokkaido –

Last weekend, we flew up to Sapporo for my friend’s wedding.  After a short two-hour plane ride from Tokyo, we were greeted by omiyage stands, the aroma of Genghis Khan restaurants wafting into the streets, and surprisingly cold weather!  We checked into the Best Western Sapporo at Nakajima Park, which was a very reasonable, roomy, and modern boutique hotel (check out my review here), and then beelined to Sapporo Station to shop for some warmer clothes!

– The pond at relaxing Nakajima Park near our hotel –

– My friends and hubby wearing their Sapporo ‘summer’ outfits in Susukino –

I did a lot of research before heading to Sapporo to plan our itinerary.  The famous places to visit in the city are Odori Park, the Sapporo Beer Factory, Ramen Yokocho, Mt. Okura Observatory, onsens, and the Hokkaido University campus.  Beside Ramen Yokocho (ramen street), which shops cater to tourists and are not as tasty as those outside of this attraction, none of the other spots really attracted me.  The food on the other hand… oh my!

– Japanese hairy crabs at Nijo Market –

Hokkaido and Sapporo are famous for good food: crab, scallops, Genghis Khan, miso ramen, Nijo Fish Market, sushi, omiyage, and Sapporo Beer!  We only spent a day and a half in Sapporo, but we had 6 yummy meals :)

The Sapporo Classic (in the first picture) is only sold in Hokkaido and is almost impossible to find in other parts of Japan.  It only has 2 ingredients and doesn’t use any of the additives that the other types have.  Classic was more bitter and darker (for me) than the more common version in Japan.  Mmmm.. beer sounds mighty good right now!


5 thoughts on “A weekend in Sapporo

  1. looks like a fun trip! I love beer and japanese beer is one of my favorites! especially Kirin haha, but Sapporo is not too bad either. Only the giant hairy crabs grossed me out, I just can’t eat stuff like that…^^

    • LOL! Yeah they can be a gross if you’re not used to it! The first time I saw them, the long legs freaked me out. They really look like giant spiders! But cooked, it’s a different (and yummy) story :) P.S. Yebisu is my favorite Japanese beer. Give it a try if you haven’t yet!

      • I’ll definitely try that one out once I get the chance to! I don’t like seafood in general though, only fish, no shrimps, mussels and the lot, just grosses me out a bit haha. I tried lobster once and it wasn’t really my thing either so I doubt I ever get to enjoy the scary giant spider crabs lol :D

      • lol! it does get take getting used to. my entire family are all seafood lovers so i grew up surrounded by live shrimp, crabs, and freshly-cut, still-moving fish. when i think about it, it is a little bit gross! i hope you had (are having?) a great time in nyc!

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