Surfing at Shonan Beach

Yesterday, we packed our surfing gear, jumped into our friend’s car, and hit the beaches of Shonan.  Shonan is an area in central Japan along Sagami Bay, best known for Enoshima island.  (I have a few stories from my trip there a few years ago, but I’ll leave it for another date.)  The beaches here are covered in volcanic sand (hence the dark color) and lots of people!

Hidden behind this wave are TONS of surfers!  Shonan is a great place to learn how to surf, which makes it one of the busiest surf spots in Japan.  When the weather and waves are good, the surfers are one to two meters away from each other (in every direction!).  You can sometimes see more than five surfers on one wave!

In the distance, you can see Enoshima Island.  And in a month or two, the beach will be covered with beach boys until the end of summer, which is a whole ‘nother post!  What did you guys do this Memorial Day Weekend?


6 thoughts on “Surfing at Shonan Beach

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