DIY Chandeliers

For me, chandeliers = charm.  They add so much style and romance to every room and event.  When I was young, chandeliers always seemed so out of reach (yes that was a short joke).  Something about the way they graced way above my head, with their crystals sparkling and dim lights glowing made them seem so expensive!  Luckily, chandeliers are within our grasp including many that you could DIY to match whatever look you’re going for.  Here’s a few I love.  Have you ever DIY’ed a chandelier?  I want to hear all about it!

A dozen recycled and sandblasted milk bottles (via Bedzine)

Mason Jars and Electric Tea Lights (via 100 Layer Cake)

And another example using mason jars in a very different way… (via iDIY)

Wine glasses (via Paper Doll)

And one using glass votives (Apartment Therapy via Driftwood)


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